Saturday, June 09, 2007

Michael Chong sues Guang Ming daily

9th June 2007, NST

MCA Public Service and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong today filed a defamation suit against Guang Ming Daily for publishing a report which allegedly referred him as
"Ah Long King".

The suit was filed at the High Court (Civil Division) Registry through Messrs Amrit & Co.

Named as defendants in the suit were the Chinese daily’s publisher, Guang-Ming RiBao Sdn Bhd, and chief editor, Ch’ng Li Suang.
In the statement of claim, Chong said that daily had on Dec 8, 2006, published a report which gave a meaning that he was "Ah Long King" and supported unlicensed money lending activities.

The report also carried a meaning that he could not be trusted, a criminal, a liar and a dishonest person and not fit to head the MCA Public Service and Complaints Department, he said.

Because of the report, Chong said, he was hated, ridiculed and humiliated by society members, friends, staff and members of MCA and other political parties.

Also following the report, the public had called him “Ah Long King” and he had been summoned by the MCA president for explanation on unlicensed money lending activities.

He said the publication of the report had severely tarnished his professional status, character and reputation and exposed him to public scandal.

Besides exemplary and aggravated damages, he sought an injunction to prevent the defendants from repeating or publishing the alleged defamatory sentences. He also sought an apology from the defendants and to have it published in all media which had published the alleged defamatory sentences.

Meanwhile, MCA Public Service and Complaints Departmet chief legal adviser Datuk Theng Book told reporters that Chong was seeking RM10 million in damages.